Innovative, Flexible Greenhouse Automation

QCOM is horticultural innovation. QCOM utilizes state-of-the-art know how to design and manufacture the most flexible automation systems available in North America.


1) QCOM reduces greenhouse operation costs by decreasing labor and minimizing water and energy loss

2) Plant the seed of technology with QCOM – optimize output, maximize efficiency with a quick return on your investment

3) QCOM means higher crop yields and better product quality with less work

QCOM is unique amongst the greenhouse control market

Our nearly 30 years of experience gives us unequaled advantage of innovation and design, – offering unparalleled insight into greenhouse automation. QCOM’s software and systems are engineered to be efficient, easy-to-use and flexible. Our hardware is modular, giving you the power to expand your level of control as your greenhouse grows.

QCOM’s software sets the industry standard

It handles all combinations of heating (air, hot water, bench, steam and infrared), cooling, ventilation, CO2, light controls, and a variety of irrigation methodologies (evapotranspiration, VPD, soil tension, pulsed, etc.). Specialized modules include, but are not limited to; fertilizer monitoring and injection, bench heating, positive pressure cooling, high pressure fog systems, boiler control and power monitoring.

QCOM’s line of hardware includes:

communication, sensor, and control electronics. They are designed to be modular, giving you maximum flexibility at a low cost. QCOM’s hardware has been specifically engineered for extreme exposure to the hostile environments where humidity, temperature, UV radiation, and corrosive chemicals are a constant.

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QCOM builds comprehensive greenhouse automation systems designed to reduce costs, increase efficiency and maximize yield. If you are ready for the latest in greenhouse control, contact our sales team for more information at (800) 833-9123.