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  • Irrigation & Fertigation

    Irrigation Fertigation is the latest development in irrigation and fertilizer control and automation. Take a few moments to peruse this product’s features and we think you’ll agree that Irrigation Fertigation is the choice for your fertigation needs.


    • Up to eighteen irrigation valve groups can be programmed – each with its own irrigation cycle and up to four crop recipes.
    • Optional programmable purge time at the end of an irrigation cycle.
    • Back-flush control option – automatic based on sensing back pressure or time scheduled.
    • Irrigation valves can be staggered in time or flow-based.
    • Automatic calibration feature for measuring valve flow.
    • Multiple alarm options with programmable outputs for interface to external alarms or telephone auto-dialer.
    • Manual overrides for valve, pump and irrigation groups can be programmed.
    • Calculates rainfall and can reduce watering requirements accordingly for outdoor applications